About me

Independent percussionist, drummer, composer and music producer based in Stockholm, Sweden

Director of Percussion Studies at the Ingesund School of Music at Karlstad University

Steady Member of:
Global Percussion Network
Ensemble Villancico (early world music/baroque)
Basic Big Band

As a freelancing musician I have been working with amongst other:

Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra
Stockholm Royal Opera Orchestra
Folk All in Band
Gävle Symphony Orchestra
Norrbotten NEO (Contemporary Chamber Music)
Stockholm Sinfonietta
Nordic Chamber Orchestra
Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra
Ballroom Big Band
Swedish Army Band
Swedish Royal Marine Band

I received my Masters Degree at Piteå School of Music at Luleå University as a student of Anders Åstrand. Right after finishing my studies I became a founding member of the percussion group Global Percussion Network (GPN) together with Anders Åstrand and Daniel Saur. GPN has toured and performed around Europe, Asia, South- and North America.

Between 2006-2015 I held the position as principal percussion and solo field drummer in the Swedish Army Band. As a military musiscian I got to travel and perform in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Schwitzerland, France, Afghanistan and Kosovo.

Since 2001 I´m a member of Ensemble Villancio. This ensemble has toured more than thirty countries with its Early World Music repertoire – foremost Latin American baroque music and early music.

Besides performing and teaching I´m also composing and producing music on my own label. 2 CD:s will be released during 2017 with completely new music.