Got a (late) call from the principal in Dalasinfoniettan about two gigs in collaboration with the swedish folk music group Nordic, conducted by Karl-Johan Ankarblom! What a dream team!! Of course I said yes.

Bläck eller blod!

Bläck eller blod! (Ink or blood) is a new musical of the success team Erik Norberg and Alexander Öberg.   With 30 newly written songs and a strong ensemble of ten actors and musicians, they take us back to the time when Sweden was to be drawn into the age of the enlightenment – with ink or blood!

World premiere on October 15 in Stockholm and then on tour troughout Sweden until march 3 2018. Check out calendar for a show near you!



Villancico in Bolivia!

In April I went to Bolivia on a tour with this wonderful ensemble.

Watch the full documentary on SVT-play until jan 9.