Got a (late) call from the principal in Dalasinfoniettan about two gigs in collaboration with the swedish folk music group Nordic, conducted by Karl-Johan Ankarblom! What a dream team!! Of course I said yes.

Bläck eller blod!

Bläck eller blod! (Ink or blood) is a new musical of the success team Erik Norberg and Alexander Öberg.   With 30 newly written songs and a strong ensemble of ten actors and musicians, they take us back to the time when Sweden was to be drawn into the age of the enlightenment – with ink or blood!

World premiere on October 15 in Stockholm and then on tour troughout Sweden until march 3 2018. Check out calendar for a show near you!



Calendar 2017


Feb 20-24 Piteå, Norrbotten Chamber Orchestra

Feb 17 Stockholm, Upstairs Soul Party

Feb 25 Stockholm, Solna Brass Band

Mar 11 Stockholm, Upstairs Soul Party

Mar 12 Stockholm Academic Orchestra

Mar 18 Ingesund, Arvika. Clinic

Mar 18 Stockholm, Private party gig

Mar 21-24 Gävle Symphony Orchestra

Mar 25 Workshop for young percussionists

Mar 26 Stockholm, Ensemble Villancico

Apr 18-21 Gävle Symphony Orchestra

May 6 Stockholm, Basic Big Band

May 12 Salzburg, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

May 13 Trollhättan, Ensemble Villancico

May 18 Vienna, Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra

May 27 Stockholm, Basic Big Band

Jun 2 Stockholm Early Music Festival, Ensemble Villancico

Jun 9 Stockholm, Basic Big Band

Jul 1 Delsbo, Folk All in Band

Jul 7-8 Førde, Norway, Folk All in Band